“My Grandmother was so Honored, Thank you”

Just last night at David and Kristan’s wedding (Loose Mansion) we had a chance to really customize a traditional wedding event that many people see as a standard event with little opportunity to personalize. David and Kristan started out their wedding reception with a grand entrance coming down the gorgeous staircase in Loose Mansion. Starting out the entrance announcement by introducing all of the bridesmaids first to “Oh, Pretty Woman”. As each of the bridesmaids were announced they gracefully descended the staircase and stood picturesque on the staircase to the left. We then mixed in the song “These are my people” for the Groomsmen to enter and stand on the opposite side of the staircase as the women. Now that we had all of their closest friends poised on the staircase, it was time to introduce the Bride and Groom. As they entered to their song “It, Had to be you” by Harry Connick Jr. the very dramatic intro to the song matched their Grand entrance down the large staircase with all their friends standing ready on each side of the staircase. David and Kristan paused as the flashes from the cameras popped, immediately moving to the cake cutting, which was located at the bottom of the staircase.

The backdrop for the cake cutting not only included the gorgeous setting at Loose Mansion, but also included their close friends standing behind them all neatly ordered. The cake cutting was very elegant as they shared the traditional poses and feeding of the first piece of cake. David and Kristan have a set of grandparents that just happened to be sharing their 50th wedding anniversary this same evening. Since, 50 years is so un-common these days, we didn’t want this special occasion to go unnoticed. After David and Kristan finished their cake cutting ceremony, Encore Elite Entertainment announced that we had another couple to honor this evening. We then introduced their grandparents, explained that they were sharing their 50th anniversary, and had them stand next to the newly wedded couple. Just as David and Kristan finished sharing the first piece of wedding cakes the grandparents shared the same ceremonial cake cutting and feeding of the cake. The Grandparents were photographed just as if this was their wedding taking place all over again. Wow, the pictures they will have to remember this event are amazing. David and Kristan’s grandparents being honored at their wedding, the gorgeous setting at Loose Mansion, friends that have been with them for many years in the background, and a grandmother tearing up with pride, love and honor!


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  1. Words cannot begin to describe the fairytale wedding day that we experienced. Encore Entertainment was there for us from the very first steps in our planning process all the way until our grand exit into the stretch limo. They assisted us and our planning team in every way imaginable; their service was outstanding and the outcome was phenomenal. We enjoyed every moment of our evening, which is undoubtedly a direct result of their work. Thank You, Ryan, for making our dreams come true, it was everything we dreamed it would be and more. My grandparents were still teary when they talked about it at brunch this morning….it was a big highlight of the evening. We couldn’t have done it without you!! :)All our love,David & Kristan Gutierrez 🙂

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