What You Need to Know When Planning a Wedding

planning a weddingCongratulations on your engagement! This is an exciting time for both you and your fiancé. Now that you’re engaged it’s time to start planning but how do you do that without knowing where to begin? To help, Encore created a list of important question that you need to know. With this knowledge from industry experts, we hope to help you along your journey of creating your dream day.


Our friend, Brad Ozias, who is the executive director at The Loose Mansion sent us these following questions when asked what a new bride should be asking prospective venues. He feels, with 25 years of experience to back him up, that they will help with the success of your event.

  1. What do you add your service charge to – Food, beverage, both? This can really add up since most places now charge between 20 – 25%.
  2. If a set price for the bar (example: $17 for beer and wine for 4 hours), how many drinks does that account for? Some places charge up to $30 or more for a 5 hour period and you will have way more alcohol than you will ever consume.
  3. What is included in your room or facility rental? Many times you have to rent chairs, tables, glassware, and silverware, which could be almost $20 per guest.
  4. Will there be someone on hand to facilitate the ceremony and reception, or is it just a banquet captain to watch over the staff?
  5. Do you have a list of suggested vendors that you prefer to make this event successful?

Wedding Coordinator

Weddings by Hannah founder, Hannah Kiamann, also provided valuable insight into what future brides need to know to ensure everyone is on the same page.

  1. What services do you NOT offer?
  2. What if you get sick or have an emergency on my wedding day?
  3. How can you save us money?
  4. Are there any additional costs that may come up outside of your packaged services?
  5. Are there vendors that you prefer NOT to work with? Are we limited to only the vendors you suggest?

The DJ

Encore’s very own, Danny Goyer, provided a list of questions that will ensure you more than just an “IPod on shuffle” experience. In 15+ years of service, Danny has seen that the relationship a couple has with their DJ/MC can make a world of difference.

  1. Will you do my reception? If not, can I meet my DJ?
  2. Do you have any references, from both couples and vendors?
  3. How will you ensure a fun dance floor?
  4. Why should I choose you? Advice from Danny, “This answer should be different for every couple the DJ meets because every reception will be different. It will also shows you whether they have a good idea of your personal style or not.”
  5. Are you a DJ, MC, or Master of Ceremonies?
    • DJ – Someone who plays the music at your reception.
    • MC – Someone who will make announcements or give direction BUT needs a script.
    • Master of Ceremonies – Someone who you trusts to play the music AND make announcements, give direction, or keep the night flowing without a script.


Good friend, Mary Partridge, from Classic Catering has been serving Kansas City for 22 years. These 5 questions will help ensure a satisfying meal for you and all of your guests.

  1. How does your food set you apart from other caterers?
  2. How do you know how much food to prepare for my wedding?
  3. Can I taste the food that will be served to my guests?
  4. Who will be the lead contact for my wedding and who will be in charge of the catering at my reception?
  5. Do you have a commercial kitchen? Can I see your kitchen where my food will be prepared?

Encore hopes that this will help guide you through this wonderful journey you are preparing to embark on. For more information, contact us here.



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