Bringing the Family Together Through Tradition

wedding signEven in the coldest weather, the months of November and December are warmed with family and traditions. It’s amazing how each little activity, decoration, or ritual adds to the beauty of this season. Encore loves to help incorporate those feelings into each couple’s big day. We believe that the wedding day is not only intertwining the bride and groom, it is linking every aspect of their lives, including their friends and family. This is why it’s rewarding to involve the important people in the celebration.

Traditions Around the World

Throughout Encore’s 15+ years of entertainment, we have discovered dozens of traditions. It is interesting to learn about the origins of these practices and exciting to see the twist each family puts on them. Here are a few examples of classic traditions:

  • The Italian Cookies – It is common at traditional Italian weddings for family members (Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts, Cousins, etc.) to bake cookies to bring to the reception. This results in a dessert table piled high with delicious family recipes for each guest to try.
  • French Cakes – This old tradition is similar to the Italian cookies with an added detail.  The guests bring small cakes known as Croquembouche  to the wedding and pile them as high as they can in the center of a table. Then if the happy couple can manage to share a kiss over the pile without knocking down the cakes  they will live a lifetime of prosperity.
  • The Lucky Date – In India, the couple doesn’t choose their wedding date. Instead, a knowledgeable family member, fortune-teller, priest, or astrologist figures out the most auspicious day by considering factors like birthdays and phases of the moon. If the date falls on a weekday, many couples in the US will hold two wedding ceremonies – one with close family on the actual day and a larger celebration on that weekend.

Even More Ideas

Just log onto Pinterest and you will find hundreds of ideas on how to include more of your guests. Here are a few of Encore’s favorites:

  • The Family Tree – Encore loves this element because it is a conversation starter between guests. It can be as simple as setting a table with pictures of family members to getting creative and building a map a photos hanging from a tree. However it is presented, it is intriguing to guests to see where the bride and groom came from and imagining where they will be going.
  • Words From the Absent – Our DJ’s have been known to take recordings or a toast or blessing from a close family member or friend that were unable to attend the ceremony. This sweet sentiment can really impact the bride or groom, especial if it is presented as a surprise.
  • The Father Daughter Dance – This traditional dance can be taken to a whole new level by adding personal details to it. Encore has seen fathers choose songs that brings back memories from the bride’s childhood and even record a section of themselves singing it to their daughter. This will emotionally capture the whole room and create an extremely memorable moment.

Traditions are wonderful things that are passed down from generation to generation. Contact Encore today to help continue your family’s traditions on your special day!


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