The Anniversary Gift

It’s not everyday that you can say you’ve spent half a century with someone but this year my parents can!  Mrs. Shelah and Mr. Gary Goyer have officially reached the golden anniversary, according to Hallmark, so my siblings and I decided to do something special.

So, what did we do? Well, Kristi, Kara Dawn, Ryan, myself (Danny), and our spouses gathered together and began to plan. We ended up deciding that instead of just saying ‘Surprise, here is your gift!” We would build up the suspense by drawing out the gift’s announcement into four weeks of clues.

This is how we plan to pull it off:

  1. Take a family photo announcing what the gift is.
  2. Turn that photo into a puzzle.
  3. Break the puzzle into four seperate sets.
  4. Each week a sibling will send their set to Mom and Dad.
  5. On the fourth week everyone will get together to FINALLY announce what is going on.

We are all excited to celebrate this important event in our parents lives. It is priceless the love, time, memories, and commitment they have created over these past 50 years and we hope for 50 more golden years.

Now, since this is all taking place this month, I can’t tell you what the gift is going to be, yet! But, I want to share this experience with you. So, follow us here for the next four weeks to see how we pull it off.

This blog post will be updated every Wednesday during the month of February with each siblings story. 


anniversary gift

Danny’s gift

Since we decided to go in birth order (oldest to youngest), I was the first to send my set of puzzle pieces. With the pieces I sent a card and a letter explaining what was going on.

In response, my mother texted to let me know she was extremely touched but found that the only issue she was having was “even my mastermind of a man couldn’t finish the puzzle…it would seem you forgot to include them in the bag.”  unfortunately she will have to wait until next week for additional pieces!

Check back next Wednesday to see how Kristi chooses to send her pieces.



anniversary gift

Kristi’s Gift

This week was Kristi, the second child’s, turn. To accompany her puzzle pieces, Kristi included a card and our parents’ favorite candies; Brach’s Maple Nut Goodies for Mom and Jelly Beans for Dad.

Our parents seem to be catching on, Kristi received a message saying, “So we should expect something from Kara Dawn next week?”

Check back next Wednesday to see how Kara Dawn chooses to send her pieces.




In honor of Valentine’s Day, Kara Dawn sent her puzzle pieces in the form of hearts with fun messages. She also

Anniversary Gift

Kara Dawn’s Gift

included M&M’s and Almond Joy!

Our parents have one more week until their puzzle is complete. We can tell they are getting excited. This week we received a message saying, ” The puzzle is coming along but not finished just wanted to share the progress. Loved the maple nut goodies, jelly beans, peanut m&m’s, and almond joy that have accompanied the puzzle pieces.  We are waiting to get it complete so if you know where WE can find those other pieces let us know!”

Check back next Wednesday to finally find out what the anniversary surprise is and how Ryan delivers it! 



Before I tell you how these story ends, I’d like to tell you how it begins…

Anniversary Gift

The Final Project

Mom and dad were raised on the farm in western Oklahoma and attended a school that averaged 12 in their graduating classes.  Farmers are people with amazing work ethics and love of family.  Those have been traits that have survived the move to the suburbs along with their love of our God and savior. Here is what my mom had to say when I asked her to give me some background on their relationship:

“We met in junior high. Your Dad would often send me notes on the school bus asking me if I liked him and at first I marked the “No” box on the note.  Then our Methodist church youth group started doing activities with his Christian Church youth group which gave us a chance to have fun together and get to know each other. Soon I changed my mind about marking the “No” box on the note.  We then started walking together in the halls at school.
I wasn’t allowed to go on a date until I was 16.  So he planned with my mother a surprise Sweet 16 birthday party for me and that was our first real date. Dinner at a nice restaurant in Clinton, OK and back to my house for the party where our friends were waiting to surprise me.   We continued to date all through highschool and first year of college.  On Friday night June 13, 1964 he put a beautiful diamond ring on my finger and proposed at the Drive Inn Movie Theatre in Clinton, OK. We were married the following April 10, 1965 at the Methodist Church in Custer, OK.”
Now, 50 years later, Ryan asked my parents to meet all us of at Kara Dawn’s house to finally finish the puzzle. After everyone arrived, the grand-kids gathered around to help Dad assemble the last pieces. Finally, after a month of waiting, Mom and Dad learned we will all be taking a family Caribbean Cruise this May!
After the announcement and surprised, tearful, joyful, Thank Yous!” our family enjoyed wine and sparkling grape juice. This is a trip that my mother has been hinting at for a long, long time. I am so glad we can finally make it happen for her!
Thank you to everyone who has followed this project for the past month and Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! 

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