A First Dance That Brought Them To Their Feet

I had the chance to work with Justin & Sara on their reception at Lake Quivera. They as many others are Youtube fans and had watched a few first dances so they had an idea of their own. They wanted to put together a surprise for the guest and choreograph their first dance using a montage of songs. We started with a beautiful slow song “Feels Like Home” by Chantal Kreviazuk then after every one has fallen completely into the romatic moment the song started to skip, the guests were horrified as they feared the memories that Sara & Justin would have from this mistake. Just then we mixed in their surprise “Jump on it” then into “The Hokey Pokey” then “YMCA” then “Thriller” then “Macarena” Then “Can’t Touch This” and finishing with the end of their original song “Feels Like Home”. The Guests erupted with applause and circled the dance floor when they realized that it was planned. What an exciting evening to remember for many years to come. Thank you Justin and Sara.


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