Nick & Rachel Ong

Nick & Rachel had their reception this past weekend at one of my absolute favorite locations the Loose Mansion . Nick & Rachel were so much fun they seemed to always have a smile on their face and a big hug for everyone. The tables were decorated wonderfully with Orange (a favorite of Rachel’s) and they were also numbered. Along with the numbers were little trivia questions about Nick & Rachel with the answers on the back. This was a great idea. It got the tables all talking and having a good time sharing their own stories about the happy couple.

Nick was such a gentleman the whole night. When Nick & Rachel started their first dance, Nick presented Rachel with a single red rose. Jeremy & Ashley Parsons were the photographers for Nick & Rachel visit their blog and see some of the amazing photos that were taken.

During the night, I always check with my Bride and Groom to see how things are going and if there is anything that I can do for them. It was getting late and as I made my last rounds for the night I asked Nick if there was anything I could do for him. He said everything was great but he wanted to know if he could hear “Piano Man” by Billy Joel. When I met with Nick and Rachel to plan their reception, that was his single song request for the night. I had that in my planner and was holding on to it for the right time of the night. The dance floor was full and there were about 25 guests seated at the tables. So I walked out to the tables and asked that everyone seated take a hold of their drink on the table in front of them and raise it above their head. Then I asked them to stand and follow me. I took them to the dance floor to join the others. When they were all there, I said this is a song that we all know and is special to Nick so let’s sing along. I then played “Piano Man” and all the guests gathered around Nick & Rachel and sang. The best memory I will carry with me forever of Nick & Rachel is the huge smile Nick had on his face as they all stood with their arms around each others shoulders and sang Nick’s Song with him.


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