Chad & Christine 09/06/08

I can not begin to tell you how much I enjoy this profession. I get to be involved in the lives of people as they choose to share their love with their family and friends. Chad & Christine were that perfect couple you look forward to being involved with. If I was to describe them in a word, it would be happy. They were so excited to be sharing their wedding day with everyone.
I would love to tell you about the entire day from start to finish at the wonderful Longview Mansion where as usual Marcia and the staff were excellent, however this would be a huge entry. Encore was involved in the ceremony and reception. Chad and Christine had involved many people in their ceremony even their dog Shaggy dressed to the 9’s. The one thing I had not ever seen before and loved was their version of the unity candle. They had a unity tree with two additional pots of soil one from Indiana and the other Missouri. During the ceremony, Chad placed the Indiana soil in the pot with the tree and Christine put Missouri soil in the pot. Then they had their parents step up and also place soil in the tree pot. Then they asked the bridal party to also follow. I thought this was a great idea. It took the unity of two and brought the unity of the family’s and friends also together.
Sharing only one special moment from the reception is a challenge. There are so many great memories. The cake cutting, toasts, special dances and more were all excellent. One thing Chad and Christine did at dinner was a new twist on a traditional custom. When the guests would tink the side of their glass as encouragement for the bride and groom to kiss, I interrupted the process and explained that Chad and Christine are newly weds and need a good example of how married couples kiss. The different couples who gave their examples on how to kiss had a great time demonstrating their kissing style, then Chad and Christine followed with their own kiss.
Thank you Chad and Christine for allowing us to be a part of this outstanding day and I know you will have many years of happiness ahead.
I would also like to thank Rebecca (slide show) one of the most talented photographers in KC for sharing these photos with us and making even me look good.

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  1. Danny is an excellent DJ. He really listens to what you have envisioned for your day and tries his best to make that happen. He thinks of everything too! Many little details we hadn’t even thought of could have been glitches in our ceremony or reception and he smoothed them out. After we talked to him we felt much more confident that everything was going to go smoothly. And it did! He is excellent at keeping the party moving and keeping the audience entertained without hogging the spotlight. We couldn’t be more pleased with the way our ceremony and reception turned out and we would highly recommend him to anyone.Also, It was Danny’s hilarious idea to have other couples kiss instead of us when people ting their glasses. I get tired of that at other weddings and didn’t want it to happen constantly at our wedding. So he told us his version and we LOVED it! We gave him a list of couples for him to call on. It made everyone more apprehensive to ting the glasses because they didn’t want to be called on next. Problem solved…with added fun!!!Thanks for everything Danny!Christine Quick

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