Holiday Parties

We spent most of November and December involved with company holiday parties. We have many companies that ask us back year after year and we look forward to being a part of their event. Burns & McDonnell, E Solutions, Bishop Spencer Place, Thomas McGee, Steven Pendelton D.D.S., Seaborad Corp just to name a few of our corporate friends.
We did something just a little different at the Seaboard Corp. company party. We set up two separate Wii stations. These stations included a large screen 10’ tall 6’ wide and a sound system so you felt like you were in the game. Each station had its own MC to keep the games going and fun. One station they played Tennis the other was Bowling each with 4 players. Seaboard gave these two Wii games away at the end of the night. To be eligible to win one of the Wiis, you simply had to play. You did not have to get top score or even be any good. We then took all the names of the people that played and put them into a hat and drew out the winner. It was great fun and when people were not playing they were gathered around cheering on their coworkers.
We have so many options at company holiday parties besides the traditional dancing. Interactive activities (a great way to give things away other than just putting names in a hat), photo booths, character artists, Karaoke, the ideas are endless. We are already looking forward to the holiday season next year.


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