Tom & Robin Addleman 04/18/09

I was at Loose Mansion last night as a part of Tom & Robin Addleman’s wedding and reception. Tom is a lawyer from Harrisonville and Robin is in real estate after being a nurse for a few years. This is a great couple and will have many wonderful years together. Let me give you an example of how great Robin and Tom are. The person that was doing the Flowers and helping with the decorations met Robin while giving birth to her first child. She and Robin have kept in touch and they have become good friends since then. Tom comes from a family that,as the Best Man Brett said ,“ welcomes everyone with open arms”. Tom’s parents will be celebrating their 5oth Anniversary in August. Now that is impressive.
It was a very nice wedding with a little of their style showing through. You see, when Tom and the Groomsmen entered the room, they entered to “I Walk The Line” by Johnny Cash. The Groom hardly ever gets attention. The day is all about the Ladies. As men, we accept this and enjoy making it so. When we can have a little focus on the men, we try to accommodate that. This was a song that fit a country boy like Tom and his Groomsmen. The lyrics worked well for the entrance and hey, it was fun.
The Mansion was exceptional as usual. The Mansion is on the top of my list of excellent locations to have an event. Hannah was the person in charge for the Mansion last night, and even though this was her first event to do solo, she was flawless. As I was making rounds speaking to people at their tables, one of the guests asked me if I was a supervisor for the Mansion. This happens to me a lot where ever I go because we try to work so closely with the venue and staff. I told her I was not but I can get one for you. Hannah went to speak with them and they simply wanted to tell how much they were enjoying the staff and their evening. That was wonderful to hear, especially for her solo. I know the owners of the Mansion would be pleased.
During the cutting of the cake, Tom & Robin wanted to recognize Tom’s parents for their up-coming anniversary. After Tom & Robin finished their ceremonial cutting of the cake, they cut another piece and presented it to Dr. Duane & Nancy Addleman. Everyone in the room was touched by this poignant moment. I had a great night and could go on and on. Needless to say, Tom and Robin were a lot of fun and they have great friends and family that danced right up to the end of the night. Thank you Tom & Robin

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