My Road Trip

This past weekend, I took my family out to western Kansas to see some of our old college friends and see the sights. Saturday afternoon I noticed a wedding reception was being set-up by the staff. Now I’m snooping around like the CIA. I proceed to speak with the event coordinator and ask “Did the emcee/dj contact you prior to the event?” I got a look that still hurts my eyes. “Did the emcee/dj send you a copy of the reception planner?” She asks “what are you talking about & why?”. I’m sure you see where I am going with this. I explained who I was, where I’m from & the level of service we offer our clients. If I lived in that area, she told me I would be booked year around, Friday & Saturday nights.
I admit, I’m a telephone book junkie. I look at the DJ’s and entertainment companies, and called 1 in particular that has a “5Star rating” in the phone book. He told me he got this from “some friends that said he was really good”. OK ??
We receive several calls daily requesting information for our services. The most frequent statement we hear lately is “well, what would it cost for 4hrs instead of 6?” Let me ask the general question: Do you really want your dj/emcee stomping thru your dinner,cake cutting or toast to set-up gear? If a company is guoting you 4hrs, a red flag should come-up. This should mean this individual is looking for the quick buck, and doesn’t have the experience to manage a quality reception. As I was on my road trip, I witnessed this dj setting-up his gear while the guests were having dinner. Classy right? As he was finishing, he reached in his truck, grabbed his shirt & tie, and got dressed between the head table & dance floor.
As our Saturday evening in Western Kansas progressed, my wife & friends kept looking noticing how “figitty” I was, I have to admit, I wanted to get back to that reception and show the dj how to make his reception and Encore event.
p.s. I brought the phone book home.


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