A Twist to an Old Standard


There are many traditions that happen at a wedding reception. You may choose to do all, none, or even start some traditions of your own.  We love all the old standards but also like to change things up to make them a better fit for each couple.
The Bouquet & Garter Toss…..  James says he has about 70%, and I have noticed about 80%.  The change from 100% started happening about 5yrs ago. I am not sure why, but here are a few ideas we have about this.  The Tosses have been primarily for the single people, which if you have ever been that person it can be uncomfortable to be singled out.  Just like many of the things involved in weddings, the bouquet and the garter represent good luck.  We are wondering ” Why should only the single people get the chance at good luck?”  Here is what we have done at the last few receptions to answer that question. We have invited all the women for the bouquet toss and all the men for the garter toss.  This has resulted in alot of fun for both events and alot more involvement.  There is no more awkward feeling from being single.  For many years we have been helping the men have more fun with the garter toss. After the garter has been removed, we have the groom put the garter on a football (his favorite college or pro team, always a soft ball we don’t want Grandma injured) or he can use our garter canon because guys like explosions and the manly challenge of catching the fast moving garter.  I have attached a picture of the garter canon where we added a little confetti for even more fun.   This is just a sample of something different to do with the standard traditions.  We look forward to those couples that want to have fun with the old standards.


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