Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd – Hear Your DJ/MC Clearly!

wedding receptionWe’ve all been there – a wedding reception and the DJ just keeps rambling on and on. You have no idea what he’s talking about. You really don’t want to hear the jumbled sounds of some guy’s voice while you’re trying to catch up with the cousin you haven’t seen in 4 years. You want to jam to the music and watch the cake cutting! Well maybe not – it’s just another reception, they’re all the same, right? That’s where you are wrong!

Keep Your Guests Involved! 

Don’t let your reception be just another event that your friends and family can check off their calendar. Instead, highlight the personal touches you took the time to add and team up with your DJ to leave your guests in awe.

For example, long time DJ/MC, Danny Goyer, teamed up with an amazing couple earlier this month who added sweet, sentimental touches to their cake cutting ceremony. Instead of letting the details be over looked by most of the room, Danny called attention to these important pieces so everyone could enjoy the moment. When you put time into getting each piece just right, like Brigid who incorporated her great grandmother’s knife and serving knife from Italy along with a cake topper designed and made by Mary Kate (Brigid’s sister ans Maid of Honor), it’s so much more delightful to share them with each and everyone of your friends and family.

Getting Technical 

By avoiding unnecessary dialog and only calling attention to moments that will either intrigue the crowd or directly effect them, you create interest every time the DJ/MC speaks. Encore has found this technique along with high quality equipment results in a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Have you ever been to a wedding, dance, or party where the music is blaring in the front only to sound strained as it reaches the back? In Encore’s experience, placing speakers in the front, along with a wireless speaker in the back (so guests don’t trip over cords), provides the perfect stage for comfortable, clear music at any volume for the entire room. Along with quality speakers (Encore prefers Bose for their equipment) your DJ needs a quality microphone. They may look like secret service, but hearing the clarity of their voices through the speakers, proves that the “country man” headset microphones that Danny, James, and Ryan use are a must for every event.

On top of everything though, it is important to have a DJ/MC that you trust to run your event. This is your special day, so team up with someone that will take your reception from cookie cutter to exceptional.


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