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A Twist to an Old Standard


There are many traditions that happen at a wedding reception. You may choose to do all, none, or even start some traditions of your own.  We love all the old standards but also like to change things up to make them a better fit for each couple.
The Bouquet & Garter Toss…..  James says he has about 70%, and I have noticed about 80%.  The change from 100% started happening about 5yrs ago. I am not sure why, but here are a few ideas we have about this.  The Tosses have been primarily for the single people, which if you have ever been that person it can be uncomfortable to be singled out.  Just like many of the things involved in weddings, the bouquet and the garter represent good luck.  We are wondering ” Why should only the single people get the chance at good luck?”  Here is what we have done at the last few receptions to answer that question. We have invited all the women for the bouquet toss and all the men for the garter toss.  This has resulted in alot of fun for both events and alot more involvement.  There is no more awkward feeling from being single.  For many years we have been helping the men have more fun with the garter toss. After the garter has been removed, we have the groom put the garter on a football (his favorite college or pro team, always a soft ball we don’t want Grandma injured) or he can use our garter canon because guys like explosions and the manly challenge of catching the fast moving garter.  I have attached a picture of the garter canon where we added a little confetti for even more fun.   This is just a sample of something different to do with the standard traditions.  We look forward to those couples that want to have fun with the old standards.


People Make The Difference



I was asked to be apart of Mark & Stephanie’s weddig and reception on the 22nd of October.  They had it at the Mahaffie Farmstead in Olathe, KS.  This is a great location to have your event at.  They are by no means an all inclusive location but they do have staff there to help you the day of and do not realy have a lot of restrictions for you to follow.  Mark and Stephanie had an wonderful group of friends and family on hand to help them celebrate.  One couple they had invited was Zade and Dale Winslow.  I was the DJ/MC for their reception 5 years ago.  They looked great and Dale is expecting she is 8 months pregnant.  All of the guests were a lot of fun which helped to make for a memorable night.  I will say with no question Mark & Stephanie are in love and truely meant to be togehter.  Thank you guys for inviting me to be a part of your reception.

Wedding & Reception


There are not too many country clubs in kansas city where you can have a beautiful wedding and reception. I was looking through my pictures on my phone and found this one of Jeremy & Angels wedding at Loch Lloyd which is one of the rare exceptions when it comes to country clubs in kansas city.

Watch “The Hobbs Building a night too remember.” on YouTube

Here is a small sample of what the dance floor looked like last night at the hobbs building….  Now imagine that all night,  changing all styles of music and all ages of dancers having a blast.  I know i did.

The Hobbs building with Philip & Lindsay


The new Mr.& Mrs. Witt were surrounded by a great group of friends and family which made for a fun relaxed night. They started with cocktails in the court yard where the bridal party and Philip & Lindsay made their entrance. Their entrance was followed immediately by a toast given by Lindsay’s father Joseph Lampo. This type of entrance is popular on the west coast but rarely seen around Kansas City. They then mingled with their guests, the night was perfect for being out side talking with friends and enjoying good wine and spirits. We then invited them inside to assigned tables and a wonderful meal provided by Feasts of Fancy. After the cutting of a beautiful cake they all hit the dance floor where it was nonstop until we all had to say good night. Thank you Philip & Lindsay for a memorable night.

Great Video of Encore Receptions

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Kansas City Top Wedding Professional

Encore Has Been Recognized as one of the Top Vendors of Kansas City.

The only way that we are recognized is by people talking. We strive hard to provide our clients with the best experience possible, so when we are recognized by any website or wedding publication we are honored. Thank you all for helping Encore become one of Kansas City’s best vendors.

Using Your Resources

Recently Danny & myself were invited to the Ritz Charles as part of their Bridal Extravanganza. We spoke with dozens of prospective bride & grooms concerning their upcoming weddings, one thing we stressed was using your resources. What is “Using your resources” mean? Simple: asking questions and recommendations.
If a friend buy’s a car at a dealership and has a wonderful experience, statics show they will tell 10-15 other people, and they are likely to buy a car at the same dealership. As mobile entertainers/MC’s we see and hear many things. We experience first hand what another vendor has or doesn’t have, as well as seeing their product in use. We were asked questions concerning catering, photography and reception sites, and were glad to give our perspective on those subjects to those who asked.
If you are planning an upcoming event, seriously think about booking your DJ/MC BEFORE you look at booking your next vendor. As much as our staff experiences, we may be able to help create a “short list” of vendors for you that matches your personality, desires & budget.
Ladies and gentleman, you only have 1 chance at the biggest day of your life, 1 chance to make all of your dreams a reality, don’t be afraid to ask questions, it will only make your special day an ENCORE event.

Boomer Goyer Wedding

Anxious, Nervous, and Restless were the nights leading up to August 22nd, and the day of the wedding was by far the most emotion I have ever felt in my life. The night before, a good friend of mine insisted that I spend the night with him and his wife so that I didn’t continue to get any worse. When I woke up the morning of the wedding it was still dark out and I laid there thinking about all the events ahead. I had no particular thing that made me anxious, I have been to hundreds of weddings and receptions, some that were spectacular, some that needed some more work but most all of them filled with Love. This event was different, I knew that the best wedding professionals in Kansas city would be there, and all the plans had been discussed in great detail to ensure a near perfect event. The Bride seemed to be extremely calm at our last meeting and she had all the confidence in the world so why would I be so anxious?
I was pacing! It was just before the special moment where the bride and groom see each other for the first time, and I was pacing. Trying to look like I wasn’t nervous trying to play it cool, The photographer, Rebecca Peters, asked me to turn around and I saw the most beautiful white dress, sunlight dancing through the beads, and the great big smile that complimented the most stunning bride I have ever seen. Suddenly I was calm, the most calm I have ever felt then joy rushed through me as my smile grew and I embraced my bride for the first time. I have been in the wedding industry for over 12 years now and knew about almost everything that happened on a clients wedding, but now I truly understand the pressure, anxiety and most of all the JOY that happens on their wedding day.

Our wedding reception was held at one of the most picturesque venues in the Kansas city area. Personality of a venue is very important, Some people are fit for a nice ranch and barn, some fit for a historic mansion in the city, and some fit for a ritzy hotel ballroom. Not only is the personality of the property important to match your own but also the personality of the venue coordinator. Marsha Gibson at the Longview Mansion was an excellent match for Amy and I. Wow, what a coordinator. She helped in the many planning meetings to draw out our vision and assisted us in choosing the best options to maximize our budget. The day of the wedding she was there; Marsha was there to greet us at the door, she was there to make sure every napkin was in it’s place, and Marsha was there to make my bride feel even more special than she already did. The mansion looked every bit as fancy and elegant as I had seen at so many weddings that Encore Elite Entertainment has been a part of at the Longview Mansion. Our entire wedding party floated down the grand staircase one at a time to their individual entrance songs artfully compiled by our Emcee/DJ Mark O’Leary. The crowd was pumped up and ready to party, then Mark mixed in the entrance for my bride and I as he announced the new “Mr. and Mrs. Goyer” skillfully drawing the crowd up to a climax. With a small pause my bride and I descended the grand staircase to an absolute roar, with flashes of Rebecca’s camera we felt like movie stars. The dance floor was packed all night long. I can hardly wait to see the footage shot by our videographer Studio 32 Productions. At one point, the crowd was covering the entire dance floor so Mark O’Leary assisted Rebecca Peters to stand on his DJ table to get some the of the best party shots I have ever seen. Andy Liebsch was moving around the dance floor with his camera capturing the fun, excitement and all of the celebration on video.

“Personality, Experience, and Quality of work is how you choose the best wedding professionals in Kansas City. Magical, Emotional, and Exciting is how you describe your day when you have chosen the best. -Ryan Goyer