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Shawnee Mission West Prom 04/25/09

Brad and I had the opportunity to be a part of the Shawnee Mission West High School prom and had an excellent time. The Union Station was decorated by All Seasons. All Seasons started with two huge Giraffes with their heads coming together to make an arch as you entered the Sprint Hall. They went on from there with lighting gobos on the walls and on the dividing curtains that separated the tables from the dance floor of other animals it was great. The sound we put together was perfect for that room (Union Station is a very very impressive venue and very very hard to control sound in) and everyone danced all night. We had to ask them to leave the floor when the night had ended. It was fun to see the King and Queen announced and how exciting it was for the winners. The dancing was a blast. We had students dancing on the King and Queen stage, on our stage and on the subs having a great time. We are looking forward to next year and hope to make it even better for the class of 2010.
Here are a few pictures I took with my little camera not great quality but you get the idea.


The Goyer Family Spring Break

No this is not about a wild week of crazy parties that lasted all night on the beach somewhere in Florida. This is about my beautiful wife Katie and I taking a short trip with our two boys Forrest & Grayson to Saint Louis. With Katie in her first year in a new job, we were limited on time so we spent 3 days in the Gate Way City to the West. I thought it would be fun to try using the online service Price Line to get a Hotel. I was able to get a room at the Westin a 4 star hotel in downtown Saint Louis for a 2 star price it was great. When we were walking in to the lobby check in, my youngest son Grayson was saying out loud for everyone to hear, Wow, dad! We have never stayed in a place this nice before! It was very nice, located next to the new baseball stadium and a few blocks from the Arch.
We visited the Arch, Laclede’s Landing, Union Station, The Science Museum, The City Museum, the King of Beers and took in a movie at a local theater.
It was fun to go up in the arch. I have put a picture of door #7 that opened for us to get into the egg we rode to the top of the arch. Katie took a picture with my phone of me and our boys in the egg (not much room).
The science museum was great fun with a lot of hands on things to do. Forrest was able to ride a Segway. Grayson and I were jealous because we were not able to ride.
The City Museum was really cool for all ages. It is a huge building where they have collected all kinds of things that you can climb on, in, under and what ever you would want. Airplanes, log cabins, Trains, tunnels, slides, cables, and aquariums you name it, you will find it there. There was a ball pit filled with big balls that large kids can play in and throw.
We also went to one of my favorite places in the city, the Anheuser Bush Brewery. I always enjoy the tour with the Clydesdales and the smells that you encounter in the brewery. I especially enjoy the samples at the end of the tour.
It was a great few days that none of us wanted to come to an end. I am a very lucky man to be blessed with such a great family