Bravo to  Shakespeare’s description of the  fifth month of the Gregorian Calendar  as  “The Merry Month of May”.  Just think of all the celebratory events that are packed into May’s 31 days.  The very first day we have “May Day”, full of colorful May baskets, ribboned May Poles and beautiful  May Queens.  Hat Fashionistas sip on Mint Julips and watch the “Most exciting two minutes in sports” during the Kentucky Derby .   Not even a week later, we are getting tipsy on Margaritas and gorging ourselves on espinaca dip and chips  for  Cinco De Mayo.  We gratefully acknowledge  the loving  and important women in our lives on Mother’s Day, and honor the brave men and women  who lay down their lives to  protect and serve our country on Memorial Day.  Tuxedos and sequins fill the dance floors every Saturday night for Senior Prom and   “ Pomp and Circumstance”echoes throughout the gyms and arenas on Sundays   as we cheer on  our high school and college graduates in their robes and tassled  mortar boards.  As if all these celebrations are not enough, May is a magnificent time for weddings. We here at Encore Elite Entertainment  have the luxury of being able to experience first hand  a bride and groom’s  wedded bliss in the month of May.

“Who first beholds the light of day

In Spring’s sweet flowery month of May

And wears an Emerald all her life,

Shall be a loved and happy wife.”



Thank you for letting us share music and memories in the Merry Month of May!



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