Spring, Spring, Spring

Weddings are a time for joy and celebrating two families becoming one. Finding the one you want to spend your life with is such an amazing feeling. As spring is here it is easy to see why couples choose this time of year to get married. The trees are blooming, grass is turning green and freshness is in the air.

That is exactly what we shared with Adam & Alexsis this past Saturday at Californos.  They had an amazing spring time outdoor ceremony followed by a night of fun filled with Memories they will share for a lifetime.  Alexsis & Adam had many personal touches that started with their hand made invitations to their vows they wrote for each other.  Then the fun ways we released the tables to enjoy the buffet and the dancing that lasted all night.

They say when you marry in spring you are a bride all your life. Having the perfect mix of family and friends at a ceremony will increase the love that is exchanged between a bride and groom. The story is never the same of how two people meet and fall in love. Either should be any two weddings. It is a time to let your personalities show.


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