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Feel Good Time

When Encore Elite Entertainment leaves an event we evaluate how it went. We think about what went really well, what didn’t go as well as anticipated and most importantly, how we can improve. At the end of the events the clients often shower us with praises . We have been Entertaining at wedding receptions for many years and love to hear the praises at the end of the night. While the praises at the end of the night are great to hear, we know that they could be influenced by adult beverages or exhausted from all the events of the evening. The best, is when we get a hand written note sent to us under no obligation. For a guest or client to take the time out of their busy lives to share how much they appreciate us, is the true measure of our success. But the pinnacle is to be recommended to new clients from previous clients. We have a DJ/Emcee friend in Sacramento, California Randy Bartlett that says “The only way to truly know you are good, is if you are recommended to someone else” .
I shared in a blog entry a little about a reception I did back in May for Travis & Caitlin. I know now that with out a doubt they had as much fun as I did.
This is what they said-
“Thank you so much for being such an integral part of our wedding reception. Your professionalism and attention to detail far exceeded our expectations. We loved the “Show them how a real married couple kisses” idea you gave us. It made for lots of great pictures! We have already recommended you to an engaged couple we know in Topeka but please use us as a reference if it could help you in future business. Any way, Thank you for everything, Keep up the great work. With great Appreciation Caitlin and Travis.”

What are you going to do at your reception?

Matt & Emily 03/07/09

The Kansas Historical Museum in Topeka, Kansas is where Matt & Emily held their wedding and reception. I have been at this location many times. It is a nice place and the people are very good to work with. If your reception timing allows, they will even offer a personal tour of the museum for your guests. The ceremony was performed beautifully by Curt Cooper from Emporia. I hear a lot of ceremonies every year and it is nice to hear it done well with meaning and purpose. Emily looked unbelievable and Matt cleaned up quite nicely also. Their family was so much fun and wanted nothing more than to do everything they could so Matt & Emily would have a great day. It is always so much fun to be apart of a loving event and I was blessed to be there.
As you may have read earlier in one of Brad’s Blogs, he and I along with our much better halves (Wives) went to a Mobile Entertainers convention in Vegas. It was a great time and we learned so much. It was also great to hear a little validation from people much smarter than me that we are doing it right. What I mean, is the way that we introduce events/special moments to the guests through out the evening. I know you have heard announcements that sound like they are said every weekend where only the names of the bride and groom are changed. Encore does not make standard “input name here” announcements. Part of the reason that we have the reception planning meeting, and have materials to be completed before the meeting, is so that we can Personalize our announcements. For Emily and her Father’s dance the announcement went like this;
Mike was at the hospital on the day Emily was born and from that moment Mike & Sharon’s Princess stole his heart. Since that day Princess Emily has grown to be called EM. Mike is so very proud of EM. Her appreciation for life and the way she shows such kindness towards others. Ladies and Gentlemen Princess EM and her Father.
As I said, the family wanted them to have a special day so they were a lot of help giving me all the incite I needed to write these announcements. It takes a little time and effort on every ones part, but the difference it makes in the personalization of the event is night and day. The guests also feel so much more a part of every event through out the night. It can never be an announcement that you heard last weekend with a different name.
Matt and Emily congratulations and thank you for letting me be a part of your special event.

Las Vegas DJ Show

Wow!! Danny, myself and our wives just got back from our exciting trip in Las Vegas. Danny & I attended the Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2009 DJ show at the Riviera Hotel & Convention center.
As a Mobile Entertainment Professional, we are always looking for new ideas & suggestions to bettering ourselves, in-return, giving our clients better entertainment services. We are proud to say we were 1 of only 3 other Mobile Entertainment companies in attendance from the Kansas City market.
This particular convention is packed with forums, lectures and hands-on training, which lasts the span of 3 days. We were fortunate enough to see Otis Day, with his popular hit “SHOUT”, wow, what an entertainer at his age. To conclude the evening, Vanilla Ice blew the doors off the top of the Riviera. I was impressed, and yes I had my doubts, the guy still has “IT”. More importantly, he seemed very appretiative of us keeping his legend going.
The staff at Encore is excited for the new wedding season. We are very eager to bring this new found information to your event. Let a staff member at Encore Elite Entertainment consult with you the benefits of our professional service.