A Twist to an Old Standard


There are many traditions that happen at a wedding reception. You may choose to do all, none, or even start some traditions of your own.  We love all the old standards but also like to change things up to make them a better fit for each couple.
The Bouquet & Garter Toss…..  James says he has about 70%, and I have noticed about 80%.  The change from 100% started happening about 5yrs ago. I am not sure why, but here are a few ideas we have about this.  The Tosses have been primarily for the single people, which if you have ever been that person it can be uncomfortable to be singled out.  Just like many of the things involved in weddings, the bouquet and the garter represent good luck.  We are wondering ” Why should only the single people get the chance at good luck?”  Here is what we have done at the last few receptions to answer that question. We have invited all the women for the bouquet toss and all the men for the garter toss.  This has resulted in alot of fun for both events and alot more involvement.  There is no more awkward feeling from being single.  For many years we have been helping the men have more fun with the garter toss. After the garter has been removed, we have the groom put the garter on a football (his favorite college or pro team, always a soft ball we don’t want Grandma injured) or he can use our garter canon because guys like explosions and the manly challenge of catching the fast moving garter.  I have attached a picture of the garter canon where we added a little confetti for even more fun.   This is just a sample of something different to do with the standard traditions.  We look forward to those couples that want to have fun with the old standards.


People Make The Difference



I was asked to be apart of Mark & Stephanie’s weddig and reception on the 22nd of October.  They had it at the Mahaffie Farmstead in Olathe, KS.  This is a great location to have your event at.  They are by no means an all inclusive location but they do have staff there to help you the day of and do not realy have a lot of restrictions for you to follow.  Mark and Stephanie had an wonderful group of friends and family on hand to help them celebrate.  One couple they had invited was Zade and Dale Winslow.  I was the DJ/MC for their reception 5 years ago.  They looked great and Dale is expecting she is 8 months pregnant.  All of the guests were a lot of fun which helped to make for a memorable night.  I will say with no question Mark & Stephanie are in love and truely meant to be togehter.  Thank you guys for inviting me to be a part of your reception.

Wedding & Reception


There are not too many country clubs in kansas city where you can have a beautiful wedding and reception. I was looking through my pictures on my phone and found this one of Jeremy & Angels wedding at Loch Lloyd which is one of the rare exceptions when it comes to country clubs in kansas city.

Watch “The Hobbs Building a night too remember.” on YouTube

Here is a small sample of what the dance floor looked like last night at the hobbs building….  Now imagine that all night,  changing all styles of music and all ages of dancers having a blast.  I know i did.

The Hobbs building with Philip & Lindsay


The new Mr.& Mrs. Witt were surrounded by a great group of friends and family which made for a fun relaxed night. They started with cocktails in the court yard where the bridal party and Philip & Lindsay made their entrance. Their entrance was followed immediately by a toast given by Lindsay’s father Joseph Lampo. This type of entrance is popular on the west coast but rarely seen around Kansas City. They then mingled with their guests, the night was perfect for being out side talking with friends and enjoying good wine and spirits. We then invited them inside to assigned tables and a wonderful meal provided by Feasts of Fancy. After the cutting of a beautiful cake they all hit the dance floor where it was nonstop until we all had to say good night. Thank you Philip & Lindsay for a memorable night.

Great Video of Encore Receptions

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Kansas City Top Wedding Professional

Encore Has Been Recognized as one of the Top Vendors of Kansas City.

The only way that we are recognized is by people talking. We strive hard to provide our clients with the best experience possible, so when we are recognized by any website or wedding publication we are honored. Thank you all for helping Encore become one of Kansas City’s best vendors.

Feel Good Time

When Encore Elite Entertainment leaves an event we evaluate how it went. We think about what went really well, what didn’t go as well as anticipated and most importantly, how we can improve. At the end of the events the clients often shower us with praises . We have been Entertaining at wedding receptions for many years and love to hear the praises at the end of the night. While the praises at the end of the night are great to hear, we know that they could be influenced by adult beverages or exhausted from all the events of the evening. The best, is when we get a hand written note sent to us under no obligation. For a guest or client to take the time out of their busy lives to share how much they appreciate us, is the true measure of our success. But the pinnacle is to be recommended to new clients from previous clients. We have a DJ/Emcee friend in Sacramento, California Randy Bartlett that says “The only way to truly know you are good, is if you are recommended to someone else” .
I shared in a blog entry a little about a reception I did back in May for Travis & Caitlin. I know now that with out a doubt they had as much fun as I did.
This is what they said-
“Thank you so much for being such an integral part of our wedding reception. Your professionalism and attention to detail far exceeded our expectations. We loved the “Show them how a real married couple kisses” idea you gave us. It made for lots of great pictures! We have already recommended you to an engaged couple we know in Topeka but please use us as a reference if it could help you in future business. Any way, Thank you for everything, Keep up the great work. With great Appreciation Caitlin and Travis.”

What are you going to do at your reception?

Another Great Night

Saturday 06/19/10 I was a part of Matt & Heidi’s reception at Evergreen Events in Paola, KS(What a Great place and wonderful people). Matt & Heidi had their ceremony in the town square on an absolutely beautiful day after a small rain shower. Encore Elite Entertainment provided all the sound for the ceremony (Lapel Mics, Handheld Mics, Music, Etc.). Matt & Heidi wrote their own vows and you could tell not only that they were in love but that they also valued each other. There were many fun things we planned and carried out for Matt & Heidi like a Twisted Recessional song at the ceremony. At the reception, the entrance of the bridal party, a football for the garter toss and kissing couples during dinner, were just a few of the many highlights. The Father/Daughter dance was one I will remember for a long time. It was the first time I had ever seen a complete dance done to Welcome to The Jungle by Guns n’ Roses. Their wedding cake was 9 small cakes 3 Red Velvet, 3 Grasshopper and 3 Strawberry all were excellent, and yes, I tried them all. It was a great night filled with dancing and laughter until we all sent Matt & Heidi on their way to Hawaii. I cannot wait to see the photos taken by Mark Leonard Photography, Mark & Shauna were great to work with.

Then to top off the night I got into my car and was listening to my voice mails and heard this.


What are you going to do at your reception?